Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Specialist

Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Federal Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute



ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Specialist

PROJECT NAME: East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP)


The Federal TVET Flagship Institute in Precision Tool and Die Making and Leather and leather Products has prepared a five-year Strategic

Investment in order to provide quality environment and services to internal and external clients. Part of the component plan is to build the capability of the two centres in terms of TVET awareness, facilitate and develop curriculum that would provide high-level skills to the intended customers in

Ethiopia as well as to the East African Region. It needs an expert who can facilitate and arrange programs in the development of learning materials, teachers’ development, industry linkage program, labour and market study, assessment and certification congruent to the practices in technical and vocational education and training.

There is urgency for this TVET expert as he will be tasked to coordinate, facilitate, and develop programs that will strengthen the two centres capacity to deliver quality and high level skills programs.

Objective of the Services

The objective is to obtain the services of a WET Specialist who will assist the Federal TVET Flagship Institute in Precision Tool and Die Making and Leather and leather Products Technology particularly in the design and modification of occupational standards and assessment tools for relevant long-term and short-term program studies.

This will ensure good, quality and timely implementation of the programs and activities of the project particularly in developing the Centres of Excellence and strengthening the capability to deliver quality high skill level programs.

Scope of Work

  • The expert scope of work is define by the duties and responsibilities herein stated below:
  • Provide curriculum development support to TVET institutions and their instructors including developing and strengthening levelling courses, as well as courses in the target sectors, job profiles, and skills requirements;
  • Develop an understanding of existing and emerging technologies and labor market skills demand to provide information in curriculum development activities;
  • Ensure that TVET curricula are accessible to young women and at-risk youth
  • Facilitate/Develop assessment tools in consultation with the relevant industries
  • Ensure that the project engages youth in all stages of the project to promote youth leadership and ensure that youth perspectives are taken into consideration;
  • Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with donor/client organizations, relevant government agencies, private sector representatives, youth-serving organizations, and other NGOs.
  • To guide the implementation of the WET activities incorporated in the project
  • To develop Terms of Reference and contribute to the selection of international and national consultants participating in the program upon request from the project manager
  • To contribute to the organization and implementation of capacity building program needed for the implementation of the five-year Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) of the flagship Institute

Job Requirements.

Master’s degree in Education, Business, Economics, Public Policy, development studies or other relevant field, or equivalent work experience.

Work Experience: Five years of teaching or leadership experience in the TVET sector or higher academia.

Key competencies:

  • Excellent track record of achieving improved employment outcomes in similar workforce development activities
  • Experience in designing and delivering life skills programming for youth
  • Proven understanding of needs to support youth active in the informal sector
  • Knowledge of the Ethiopian regulations and laws is required
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Proficient/strong IT skills in computer operation and office software packages (word processing, spreadsheet, power point presentation (PPT), etc.). Experience in handling of web-based data and Management Information Systems will be an added advantage
  • Knowledge, skill and interest of sharing experience
  • Excellent knowledge of English.
  • Time management and attention to detail.

Position Salary: The position salary is in accordance to project pay scale of the Ethiopian Government

Contract Period: 1 year contract with possibility of extension and based on good performance

Deadline for submission: within 10 working days this announcement

Project Address: Federal TVET Institute, First Floor, Human Resource Administration Section, Main Street from Lamberet to Wosen,

For More Info Call:  011646 5689

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